Case Study - Sweeteners as Substitute to Sugar

Market Research – Sweeteners as Substitute to Sugar

Due to growing health consciousness among people, artificial and natural sweeteners have made their entry as substitutes to sugar. Artificial sweeteners produce the same sweetness as sugar but do not have calories. Hence these sweeteners are also known as zero calorie sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners do not provide energy to the body, and such sweeteners do not have any nutritive values. Natural sweeteners are extracted from plants and provide energy to body, hence also known as nutritive sweeteners. Most of the natural sweeteners have calories but there are certain exceptions which have zero calorie value. Some artificial sweeteners are Aspartame, Saccharin, Acesulfame-K, Neotame, and Sucralose and some natural sweeteners are Stevia, Tagatose, Inulin, and Agave. These sweeteners are popularly used in sports drinks and frozen desserts.


The need of the market has generated new ideas from an Ohio based Food technologist. The Food technologist wishes to use the naturally available sweeteners in popular ice creams to attract the health conscious consumers. He approached DART to create a detailed market research report for their product to learn about the feasibility of such products and to understand market competition if any.


During the initial discussion, DART Analysts understood the uniqueness of the business idea as suggested by the client. DART performed a detailed market analysis and business research. The DART team of Analysts prepared a market research report that covered artificial and natural sweeteners in the US market and other alternatives available in the market. The report further covered the US healthcare market, US sweetener market, and the key external environmental drivers of the health care market. As part of the project, DART prepared a detailed market segmentation analysis, and an analysis of the competitive products available in the market. The report has prompted the client to set up the business and he managed to secure funding from local financial institutions.

DART’s Market Research Services

DART has delivered 1000+ market research projects across various sectors and countries in the past 6 years. DART Analysts team provides a detailed analysis of the market for the product or service as needed by the client. The reports include an economy analysis, industry analysis, future projections, trends analysis, risk analysis, SWOT analysis etc. The reports contain factual data, charts and tables, to make the report more interesting.