About us


DART Consulting consists of set of Independent Consultants who work along with our experienced Research Analysts to provide superior work products. We involve Independent Consultants per the need and level of engagement.

We collaborate with independent expert consultants from multiple industries to provide the best consulting service to our clients. All our consultants work along with our Research Analysts to execute projects, based on customer requirement. Our in-house analysts provide seamless support to our expert consultants in project planning, market research, Project Report, Competitor Analysis, Data Analytics, SWOT Analysis, and Financial analysis. The combination of expert consultants and in-house analysts has provided us the edge in the market with respect to consulting. With this model, along with our other services, we provide the value to its customers like no other in the industry.

We are proud to say that our well-qualified and dedicated team has given shape to nearly 200 businesses in the past 11 years. The firm was promoted by DART Info Services Private Limited as a Research and Consulting firm in 2008. Though we are based out of Bangalore, we cater to clients from across the globe, with a majority our clients coming from the USA, Europe, and Australia. We take pride in valuing our customers and their businesses, which is the reason clients come back to us for their different business requirements. So far, our team has held an outstanding record of having more than 90% completion rate. This was made possible by our enthusiastic bunch of Research Analysts. With their MBA backgrounds and majors in different disciplines, they provide the best solutions with an in-depth research and critical analysis, backed with crisp industry standard reporting


" I had a pleasure of working with DART Consulting recently. They have performed an excellent job in meeting our requirements. They conducted market research along with other small projects. 

Their work was flawless.​ They are truly professional, meticulous in work and provide right advice to their clients. Their documentation is perfect and gives 100% value for money. Honestly I was not expecting such a quality service from an Indian organisation.

I would recommend DART Consulting to anyone who would want a hassle free process and value for their money." 

Gaurav Yadav

" I was pleased with how the project went. Each report (24 reports) were high quality with qualified citations and strong written-English . In addition to the report itself, they directed my team to reputable industry associations and websites where we could dig deeper on the topics. DART was responsive to changes and corrections as needed. "

Mark, Market Research

"DART Consulting has been a trusted vendor for over a year and has produced consistently high quality results. Versus many global vendors that require exceptionally detailed management, the DART team is capable of producing their work without counter-productive oversight requirements."


"We consider to use DART Consulting as they are fast, Concise and courteous. They understand our needs well, ask questions when needed and deliver a high-quality product on time every time."


"Like your service very much . You guys were very good at research and data analysis ...and speedy completion of the business plan ..inspite of me being in another city . Thanks ."

Mahesh Chawla
MD - Hexamedia .