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With investors looking to acquire secure assets, the real estate market has a greater role to play in investment decisions. The advisory role of experts cannot be undermined in the real estate segment especially when it comes to securing maximum value from acquired properties or a prospective property acquisition or sellout. It is quite common for buyers to seek to secure properties at competitive prices. The bargain sales analysis helps buyers to find properties at discounted prices based on property pricing, tax benefits and other associated metrics.

The experts help in arriving at a combination of discounted sales price and tax deduction that works as a cost effective alternative to negotiating with full appraised price. Further, while entering into a lease, there is a need to delve into the fine prints in order to mitigate risks associated with lease transactions. There is a need for lessee entities to understand, and further document the key clauses of lease documents to bring to attention, any unusual lease provisions and financial obligations that may affect a company’s long term prospects.

Our Real Estate Consulting practice provides services in the area of Bargain Sales Agreement and Lease Abstraction. We have developed a thorough understanding of bargain sales and lease abstraction over a period of time. The bargain sale analysis helps prospective buyers and sellers arrive at an agreeable price point. Our key competencies lie in studying the concerned property and comparing it with similar kinds of properties to arrive at a relevant price point that can be used to sell or lease out the property.

To ensure that players engaged in a real estate transaction have a fair judgment of the property’s real value, we follow a meticulous protocol to extract data related to basic property related information such as square footage of the property, property condition and details, owner details, mortgage amount, tax details in addition to the replacement cost of the property and estimated tax rate, property tax etc. We also provide suitable sales rate for properties based on sales comparisons and square footage range.

Lease abstraction is an indispensable tool when it comes to extracting maximum value from one’s rental lease contracts. Each lease being 20 to 100 pages in length, mining for relevant and accurate data can be a lengthy and time consuming process. Our key competency lies in helping our clients identify vulnerable points in the lease agreement and improve visibility of revenues generated or expenses accrued through lease agreements.

By extracting key financial and non-financial data of lease agreements, we advise clients on the risks associated with the lease agreement and recommend corrective measures to rectify the same. To sum it up, at DART, we capitalize on our expertise, acquired through our experience of working on numerous real estate projects to ensure that our clients receive good value for their property transactions.

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