DART’s Business Research and Analytics Division helps companies to gain the competitive advantage, develop a healthier strategic plan and improve profitability through the effective use of available market research. We perform sophisticated analyses to examine your marketplace, your position within that market, enhance your business plan and assist you to achieve quantifiable improvements to your business fast. DART may have begun in India but we have since gained wide experience providing support services to clients across the globe. DART has many satisfied clients who can attest to the quality of our services across a range of different projects and engagements

DART Advises the Right Strategy and Avoid Costly Mistakes

To achieve a successful outcome in business, as in life, one must have clearly defined goals. These goals may be to modernize an old business, build up a new company or meet better sales targets. The right strategy is essential to assure the most effective use of your valuable time and resources to achieve your objectives. You must align your business activities with the vision of the organization, improve internal and external communications, and track your organization’s performance against clear strategic goals.

DART Uses Powerful Tools to Build a Strategic Business Plan

All organizations need strategic planning to guide future growth. Good decision-making and an achievable plan require accurate information about your business and market. We provide supporting tools and analysis to properly assess your business, weigh alternatives, consider the risks and produce defensible and actionable strategic plans that optimize your ability to meet your targets. Such a plan is highly effective in guiding the longer-term direction of your business and helping to successfully navigate through today’s turbulent business climate. A full examination and assessment of current market conditions is the best way to mitigate risk and illuminate lucrative new directions for your business.

With DART you get results.


DART supports a number of different and flexible delivery models. Such flexibility lets our clients begin the outsourcing process gradually, and then iteratively redefine the scope of the project until the proper level of control is achieved.

Every key project–related activity performed at DART is carefully documented and reviewed at regular intervals. Doing so allows DART to provide exceptional service and quality levels to our clients. We strive to tailor our processes to the needs of each client in order to quickly achieve the stated business goals in a cost-effective manner. Project deliverables are always defined in advance to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding.

DART’s focus on quality has helped us establish long lasting, strong relationships with our valued clientele. DART’s professionals are always expanding their knowledge base and abilities to help keep DART competitive at the leading edge of outsourcing service providers.

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We Help to Develop your Business and Provide Tools & Methods.

Your business must offer something unique that people want and uniqueness is vital because otherwise there is no reason for customers to contact you.

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Contact Us to Find the Best Solutions and Save Your Time & Money.

The world changes very quickly today and you can't afford to sit idly by without working hard to boost your business. DART wants to work hard with you and has the people and the tools to ensure your success.

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