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Organizations need to be aware about the various facets in Digital promotion. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Promotion (SMO), Paid Searches are a few of the contemporary methods to improve visibility in the digital space. Blogging, newsletter promotions, and content marketing also fall under SEO. SEO results in websites appear top of the list on keywords searches. SMO is a growing promotional tool to attract unique visitors to websites through social media platforms. Paid searches are another tool to bring traffic in the shortest time period. The major providers of paid search engine are Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and LinkedIn. The social networking platforms have the demographical data of users which give us an option to place ads targeting on a specific population. The contextual ads provided by search engines, and ads based on searches need to be used based on the expected result and the industry. Generally, services under digital marketing are summarized as follows;

• Search Engine Optimization

• Local Search Marketing

• Social Media Optimization

• Paid ads set up and Management.

• Email Marketing

• Content Marketing

• Mobile Marketing

• Blogging

The Benefits of DART’s Digital Marketing

As a first step we study the client business and define appropriate digital marketing strategies while implementing digital marketing. The initial study and periodical monitoring based on defined KPI is very important for successful implementation of digital marketing.

DART Services

We have multiple packages for digital marketing and one can select one which suits them as listed below; The digital marketing packages as given by DART are given below;

Quick Regular Comprehensive Premium
Paid Ads - Search Engine/Social Media Yes Yes Yes Yes
Content Marketing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Landing Page Optimization Yes Yes Yes Yes
Google Analytics - Reporting X Yes Yes Yes
Search Engine Optimization X Yes Yes Yes
Social Media Page Management X X Yes Yes
Video Ads Promotion X X X Yes
Digital Advisory X X X Yes
Reporting Bi Weekly Weekly Weekly and Monthly Weekly and Monthly

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This team of AdsOnSearcheses is amazing. The team understood what I needed and he delivered in a timely manner. Communication was great always. I would definitely use him again and would highly recommend. - this job was related to Google Adwords Account optimization (ad campaigns).
Thank you!
Prashanth - CEO Real Estate Service

Excellent team of professionals, very results-oriented. Expert knowledge of SEO and Search Engine Marketing.
Thank you!

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