Digital Strategy Services

Digital technologies have brought much improved productivity, better customer experience and improved collaboration among stake holders in the past few decades. Appropriate use of digital technology provides new dimension to customer interaction, sales process, and developing a new organizational culture.

Overall, planned digitization will result in creating value for customers, employees, shareholders, partners, and suppliers. Digital disruption is commonplace of late, and such disruption obsolete processes which were considered as valuable once. It is very common in many of the common services including telephone, tax payment, bank loans, are serviced with log in access, and interactive features. Of late, services for many traditional organizations were disrupted through rapid delivery of digital products and services by new tech ventures and they have defined new value chains in the market. Digital Strategy services enable businesses to gain competitive advantage in their respective industries to keep in pace with the ever-changing technological environment

In this direction, we have developed cloud based application to manage the operations of small and medium segments. Smart Admin, a cloud based application, as developed and promoted by us help to digitize office operations on subscription basis. This application helps in managing projects /programs, generate invoice, prepare payroll and facilitates timesheet entry.

DART Services

DART consulting is a reliable digital marketing company or digital marketing agency. DART's digital consulting professionals are handpicked from multiple industries with extensive experience in business and technology. We work closely with Industry experts to create best plan of actions while keeping our clients’ objectives in mind. We identify new opportunities, create and refine scenarios which are associated with your customers as well as employees.  

DART’s offers the following services to its clients in Digital Strategy arena:

• Digital Transformation and Digital Roadmaps

• Digital Sales Strategy

• Omni-channel Marketing Strategy

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