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Embedded Software and Hardware industry is comparatively wider in nature, and this technology has application in many industries. Automobile, Aviation, Manufacturing, and similar industries use Embedded Technology in its products. Although this is not a new concept, the constant renewal of the technology has left a gap in many organizations’ operations. There is a challenge in the industry to adopt the latest technology in the segment to have a competitive edge. With the induction of IoT and connected devices in Embedded Systems, there is a huge scope in the market for this technology.

Before adopting Embedded Software or Hardware in an organization, the stakeholders need to have knowledge about the following aspects of the technology;

  • Supporting Analog/Digital Electronic Hardware
  • Embedded Software in the Market
  • Application Software for Embedded Devices
  • Sensors/Actuators supporting the technology
  • Different IoT Projects or IoT Technology
  • Right Simulators and Load Boxes

DART Services

DART’s Embedded Technology Consultants have many years of experience in integrating the technology for companies from different industries. We provide consulting in Embedded Product Development through a complete Product Development Lifecycle. Some of the major areas covered in the Embedded Technology Consulting include;

Some of the services that our Consultants offer extensively are given below:

  • Product Design
  • Prototype Development
  • Reliability Testing
  • Instrument Sourcing
  • Setting-up Manufacturing Process
  • Recommending New Technology Adoption

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