E-Commerce Analysis

E-Commerce Analytics

Overall, the e-commerce business place is dynamic in nature. The market is bombarded with change in technologies, services, and marketing tactics to gain new buyers. These types of evolutions make online selling sites more vulnerable. The time and burn rate are critical factors to success in an e-commerce venture. Hence, to survive and thrive in this changing market place, it is necessary for store owners to take better decision with reference to database ecommerce in hand as well the market data.

There are occasions where e-commerce company spend much on marketing activities without analyzing the spend pattern and return on investment. This will end up in wasting time and money. Identifying right suppliers, reviewing inventory level, and setting up appropriate channel analysis are very important for the success of ecommerce ventures. In the absence of appropriate ecommerce analytics tools to analyze the data, the venture will end up in spreading across unprofitable channels instead of doubling down on channels which bring profit.

Benefits of E-commerce Analytics

Advanced analytics helps to understand customer needs, maintain optimum inventory level, and further identify right suppliers to keep the business going. The real effect of promotional strategies can be closely measured with the help of right ecommerce analytic tools for better return on investment.

DART’s Best Ecommerce Analytics Services

We at DART use right analytical tools for ecommerce business to provide an overall picture of sales pattern and spending. In summary, we provide the following ecommerce analytics services;

  • Impact of Promotion: We will be deploying right ecommerce analytics tools based on the scale of business to measure the impact of promotions. The analytical results will help to focus on the right channel to promote for the maximization of revenue.

  • Supplier Analysis: To identify right supplier, we will be performing clustering and segmentation of suppliers. We implement performance benchmarks to assess the quality of suppliers.

  • Channel Analysis: Channels Analysis provides comprehensive overview of the key issues affecting sales, marketing and distribution. It helps channel managers develop strategies that deliver business results. DART helps in designing channel loyalty program based on the historical data.

  • Inventory Analysis: Inventory analysis helps to deploy optimum capital. Overall, it direct in understanding the stock/product mix combined with the knowledge of the demand for stock/product.

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