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DART’s Startup Services provide critical business support for new ventures. Of late, opportunities for startups have been growing phenomenally, especially in the e-commerce domain. The recent indications of growth in IT products, online market place and online subscriber services across the world provide enormous opportunity for startups in the e-commerce domain. Further, the fast growth of certain e-commerce ventures in the recent past associated with increased capital availability for new ventures and rumors of potential acquisitions are acting as a further booster for startup ecosystem. Additionally, the ever increasing numbers of online active internet users provide a ready consumer base for e-commerce startups.

Despite these opportunities, there are market information that many promising startups with high potential ideas are not performing as per expectation. This largely on account of the unavailability of quality services at the appropriate time. Incompetent advice without any actionable program often translates into undesirable situation for startups.. Further, many startup oriented free services available in the market, lack real support that is crucial for an entrepreneur. Moreover, the free services require a convincing business plan that most entrepreneurs are unable to prepare despite having sound knowledge of their business ideas.

Benefits of Startup Services

Research Analysts with considerable experience in the startup industry are capable of fine tuning any raw business idea, documenting the same, and providing required guidance to take the business to the next level. Owing to flaws in their systems, most of the free services available in the market suffer from constraints on extending full advisory services. Such free services often deliver a 10 minute judgment on any new idea which is considered more of a negative sentiment in the market. Hence, there is a need to perform deep research into business idea in order to transform the same to a profitable venture. And research on the feasibility of a new business idea can be efficiently carried out by experienced Research Analysts.

DART’s Startup Services

DART is one stop platform to source multiple services for any Startup. The crowding of startups in the recent past has directed DART to focus its services on startups. DART’s Analysts have helped fledgling startups that have approached it with multiple problems. Owing to this considerable experience, DART’s Analysts are trained to listen to new business ideas, fine tune such ideas, and help entrepreneurs to launch their services smoothly along with extending initial support services. Further, DART has a process to ensure quality delivery within the defined time frame. DART has highly customizable business plan service which includes vital information on legal, taxation, financial and the technical aspects of running a startup.

DART offers the following services for Startups;

Fine tune initial business ideas
Prepare business plan
Interact with VCs/investors
Prepare investor deck
Set up lead generation
Source valid contacts
Set up website
Perform Optimization of website
Prepare digital marketing strategies
Manage online promotion
Perform initial tasks on behalf of new ventures

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Business Plan – Fund Raising for Celebrity Events

Every business, big or small, requires a business plan or a blue print or a working plan that explains where you are now, where you want to be and your strategy for growth. A business plan is a blueprint of the steps you need to take to build that business.

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"Great job on the project Report. Special thanks and appreciation to DART Analysts".


"Like your service very much . You guys were very good at research and data analysis ...and speedy completion of the business plan ..inspite of me being in another city . Thanks ."

Mahesh Chawla
MD - Hexamedia .

"DART has provided a great service in my business plan. DART Analysts are excellent at what they do and provided me with such a detailed description of my whole company. Truly professional and more then happy with the results you provided, and you"ve exceeded all my expectations."

CEO www.renovize.com
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