FMCG Industry

FMCG has been one of the fastest growing industries from a very long time. In India, FMCG had a market size of US$13.1 billion (2015), making it the fourth largest in the economy.

The key factors that will influence the growth of FMCG are given below:

  • Efficient supply chain modeling for taking finished product from plant to consumer
  • Changing patterns and roles of new generation channel partners
  • Influence of technology in sales and distribution model of FMCG sector
  • Introduction of Franchisee route in FMCG sales and distribution model

A few other trends in the market are as follows;

  • Regional contract manufacturing
  • Right size the territories for distributors
  • Increasing frequency of supply
  • Scaling down permanent sales and distribution team
  • Outsourcing some of the roles to agencies
  • Buying brands or going for acquisition of companies
  • Creating umbrella brands and adding sub brands for different categories

We have the capability to provide in-depth analysis in the FMCG segment by staying up-to-date with the industry activities and trends in the market. Along with the well-qualified MBA graduates from top universities across the globe, we also work closely with industry experts in FMCG segment to provide the reports on the subject in a complete angle. These experts possess many years of experience in working for several big FMCG MNCs. This gives us the competency to be well versed in smaller segments of the market.

We provide an overall consultation to our customers in FMCG, starting from advising on the market trends to financial forecasting and post project consulting till the setup. We also help companies looking to expand their existing FMCG business with our consulting services. By helping companies understand their business better, DART has established itself as a reliable partner for business consulting.

DART’s expertise also lies in providing recommendations to companies for achieving a higher growth. The accuracy comes from the fact that these data are studied and reviewed by the industry experts with DART before finalization. Along with the forecasting, the team of analysts and the industry experts provide a suitable strategy with recommendations on how to achieve the forecasted numbers. In the current scenario, the FMCG industry is booming, and DART can provide the best in-depth analysis of the market in the industry.

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