Emerging technologies have been gaining prominence over the last few years. These technologies bring competitive challenges to existing providers, and enhance user experience by offering new products/services to consumers. It is really worth to note the role played by nanotechnology which accelerated the recent technological developments – ranging from the monolithic curved panel TV in the drawing room to an artificial metal/ceramic hip implant worn by an accident victim.

We have worked on diverse set of nanotechnology oriented industries, including medical ceramics and polymers, display technology, smart coating and thin-film technology and solar cell technology. We have used our expertise tracking strategic moves adopted by industry players which are operating at different levels of the product development life cycle. Our report provides an overall view of the industry to help different types of users as follows;

  • Market leaders can decide
    • To acquire smaller yet highly specialized firms
    • Strike raw material supply deals at optimal price points
    • Engage in technology licensing deals
    • Change the target market depending on changing consumer demand and technological progress
    • Safeguard intellectual property rights and deal with lawsuits arising from patent infringement related issues

  • Start-ups can adopt a strategic roadmap
    • To build up intellectual property and entry barrier
    • Innovate cost-effective manufacturing processes to remain financially viable
    • Attract investors, and strike acquisition/licensing deals with appropriate players

  • Struggling players can find new opportunities in terms of
    • Enter a new and a relatively lucrative niche market
    • Restructure their technology and business model to suit differing consumer needs
    • Weighing the options of a possible rejig in top management and capital structure

  • Investment community can evaluate the potential of emerging technology by
    • Accessing the capability of a firm to scale up lab scale research to commercial production line.
    • Accessing the worth of a firm’s intellectual property that can be used to create a viable royalty based business model.

  • We highlight nanomaterial research trends that are likely to make a transition to the commercial stage, prompting interested industry players to accelerate the product development lifecycles and change business models. We can also point out alternative business models to an industry mired with macroeconomic issues. In recent times, this phenomenon has gained prime importance in the nanotechnology space, particularly on the wake of certain government supported manufacturing subsidy in emerging nations that has made survival difficult for the industry’s counterparts in other developed nations.

    We help clients to skim through relevant markets and gain valuable insights, thereby empowering clients with sustainable business opportunities. DART has built up a reputation in providing strategic insights that can help the nanotechnology oriented industries identify business opportunities and take proactive measures to address the plausible challenges. Our professionals utilize its proficient technology research team to merge the technology know-how of Phd. candidates and business feasibility knowledge of MBA candidates to develop techno-commercial research and advisory reports for its clients.

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