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Retail landscape has been undergoing major transformation over a period of time, and it has been quite different today than it did a few years back. The chain of evolution starts with local stores giving way to department stores and supermarkets, then to shopping malls, and big-box retailers. Now, it is slowly moving to online retailing.

The patterns of purchasing decisions have changed in the recent past. There are customers who come to store, physically examine the product, and further use their smartphone to know through reviews/discussion forums. They even get vital points clarified over google search, and confront with the sales person. Ultimately, they may go for online buying as well.

Retail industry is most benefited by the use of data and analytics. Big changes are inevitable and that retailers need to act now to win in the long term. Advanced analytics helps in driving customer behavior, improving pricing, and further tracking store performance.

Benefits of Data Analytics

DART retail analytics service capabilities help retailers leverage the power of data to derive insights on customer behavior, and develop a personalized customer centric approach to product, marketing, pricing and channel strategy.

DART Analytics Services

  • Performance Measurement: DART helps retailers to derive actionable insights by generating unified visibility across business performance, customer behavior, customer experience, sales funnels and web traffic through powerful visualization and insightful reporting.

  • Customer Loyalty Analysis: Retailers need to build customer loyalty program to retain, build customer base. Loyalty program help in bringing second time buyers to retailers and each happy customer become brand loyal. Customer Loyalty Analysis look at all factors driving conversion and retention for each of customer groups to determine the optimal approach to target and drive loyalty for each customer segment.

  • Store Analysis: Store analysis is unique service offered by DART. Here Clustering and segmenting of stores based on revenue, location and demography is done. This helps in identifying stores with weak sales. The analysis also further helps in identifying potential areas for improvement coupled with revenue maximization strategy.

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