Project Plan - Project Report

Project Report

Project Plan or Project Report is prepared to seek financial assistance in the form of Bank Loans or funding for implementing new projects or further developing a running enterprise.

Project plan covers the following aspects of a business;

  • Cost of the project
  • Financial Projections, Cash flow & Profitability
  • Financing mode of the project
  • Market overview & potential
  • Micro and macro environment
  • Project location
  • Promoters experience in the proposed market
  • Promotional plan
  • Proposed Product/Service & its Capacity
  • Resources and its availability
  • Technology & Processes for executing the project

A sound project plan will address the following issues while starting new business or expanding existing operations;

Management Assessment

  • -- Stakeholders and promoters
  • -- Corporate plan
  • -- Organizational structure

Technology & Feasibility

  • -- Reasoning for choosing a technology
  • -- Infrastructure facilities
  • -- Types of machinery and equipment
  • -- Raw materials sourcing points
  • -- Project execution and monitoring

Product/Service Feasibility

  • -- Market trends and demand
  • -- Marketing of product
  • -- Product pricing

Financial Evaluation

  • -- Overall cost of the project
  • -- Investors
  • -- Five years forecasting
  • -- Fund utilization
  • -- Return on Investment

Business Valuation

  • -- Real value of the input against the value in financial projection
  • -- Benefits to society and economy
  • -- Competitive analysis

Benefits of a Project Plan

The project plan depicts complete information about the viability of the proposed business, gives direction to the stakeholders about the outcome of the business, and helps to manage associated risks. Further, it helps to schedule, control and deliver the project in time.

DART’s Project Plan Services

DART’s project plan will cover all the above aspects, and give investors/stakeholders the necessary details while investing in a business. Our team closely works with industry experts to prepare the project plan. In the project plan, we provide up-to-date market assessment along with accurate financial projections. Each of the chapters will be defined based on the project requirement and will be drafted in consultation with the client.

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