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The Indian automotive market is growing constantly at the rate of 7% to 9% every year, making it the largest automotive market in the world. According to Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), there has been an investment of US$13.48 billion in the sector through Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) during the period 2000 - 2015. Government has also played a major part in supporting the growth of this industry. The allowance of 100% FDI for the sector under the automatic route has boasted the production and sales of vehicles in the country. The country has a reported 23.37 million vehicles on road as on 2015.

The government of India is also encouraging manufacturers to assemble the parts in the country by cutting down the import components to 10%, as against the 125% import tax levied on imported cars. As a result of that, car manufacturers prefer to source raw materials and components from Indian manufacturers. This has led to a rise of component and automotive technology manufacturers in the country. Such start-ups report growth in the industry, with plenty of opportunities waiting to be exploited.

DART’s Automotive Consulting Service provides a direction for manufacturers and dealers to enter and expand in the market. DART works with Automotive Industry Expert for assisting our clients in the Automotive Industry to gain knowledge of the actual market and preparing strategy report. We have experts with immense knowledge of the industry, having worked in the field in different segments. Our expert automotive consultants combine their hands-on knowledge with tested practices to deliver comprehensive strategic plans. Our experts in the automotive sector are capable of providing consultancy in different domains of automotive industry, such as automotive electronics, engine manufacturing, technology consultancy, part assembly and more. In the automotive technology consultancy, some of the core areas that we cover are given below:

  • Analog and digital electronics Hardware services
  • Embedded Software services
  • Application software for embedded devices
  • Sensors/ Actuators development
  • In the field of IOT connecting machines
  • Poke-Yoke for manufacturing processes
  • End of Line (EOL) testers
  • Simulators and load boxes
  • Any end-to-end electronic product development

Along with this, we also help our clients in advising through the following services:

  • Identifying market trends, opportunities and competition for the client products
  • Assess the new technology in the market
  • Developing strategies for enhancing the business
  • Analyzing the resources to maximize returns and minimize loss
  • Identifying target customer segments and product positioning

With the automotive industry evolving day-by-day, all the players are taking notice of the activities that are happening in the market very closely. DART has been following these trends regularly, and can provide the best in-depth analysis of the market in the industry. Through this, our expert team provides a full range of strategic consulting services to help clients use their existing assets to protect and enhance their enterprise value.

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