Business plan

Before starting any business, one needs to draft a good business plan, with a well-defined business model. In Business Plan services, the business plan is written as outline of a new or existing business venture which is prepared after evaluating all aspects of the economic viability of the business venture. Generally, business plan writers and consultants work together to create the report as a tool for management for communication to respective stake holders, and a measurement tool for a Lenders, Partners, or Investors.

Business Plan Services - Purpose and Benefits

Business plan is an important tool for business through which a company can define the enterprise objectives and scope of operations, products and services, and operational strategies. It also helps businesses analyze the competition, forecast the sales, profit, and cash flows. In short, Business Plan can be said as an operational document that defines the overall business of an organization. The purposes of the business plan can be any one or more as follows;

  • Angel investment or discussing the proposal with a third party
  • Investments from VCs. private investors, customers, friends, or family
  • Tracking investors, customers, partners and for strategic alliances
  • Operational plan
  • Loan from a Bank

DARTS’s Business Plan Services

We conduct thorough competitive market research, competitor analysis, and five years financial forecasting as part of building a comprehensive business plan. The financial statement is great tool in the financial advisory services under business plan. Our endeavor will be to patiently listen to the requirements/business idea, analyze such need, optimize, and provide workable solutions. We have different packages as part of our business plan writing services and one can go for a package based on the current requirements/stages of their business. Details are as follows ;

Intro Quick FI Loan Regular Comprehensive Premium
Bootstrapping / General Understanding Seed Funding Bank/Financial Institution Loan/Funding Angel Funding VC Funding VC Funding
No. of Pages 5 10 20 25 45 60
Chapters Present:
Executive Summary Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Vision & Mission Statement X x x Yes Yes Yes
Objectives X x Yes Yes Yes Yes
Business Overview Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Organizational Structure X X X Yes Yes Yes
Roles and Responsibilities X X X Yes Yes Yes
Market Overview Basic Basic Basic Detailed In-depth In-depth
Competitor Analysis X X X X Yes Yes
SWOT Analysis X X Yes Yes Yes Yes
Porter’s Five Forces Analysis X X X X X Yes
Business Model X Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Promotional Strategy X X X Yes Yes Yes
Operations Plan X X Yes Yes Yes Yes
Financial Model X Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Financial Projections X X Yes Yes Yes Yes
Project Viability X X X Yes Yes Yes
Valuation X X X X X Yes
Feasibility Study X X X X X Yes
Regulatory Issues X X X X Yes Yes
Critical Risk Factors X X X X Yes Yes
Exit Strategy X X X X Yes Yes
Pitch Deck X X X Yes Yes Yes

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Case Studies

Business Plan for Apps Development

“App”, a generic term for any standalone bit of software that runs on a computer or a mobile or a smartphone. Using apps, one can create documents, edit photos, and listen to music, without having to install complicated software.

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Business Plan – Online Real Estate Info Portal

An online real estate portal gives information about the properties which are available in the market. The portal lists out residential and commercial properties for buying/ selling and renting, along with their prices, locations and other details.

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​It’s been an absolute pleasure working with ​DART on ​business plan. You clearly understood our brief, have an in depth understanding of our industry​,​ and gave us the insight and actionable recommendations we need.
Thank you!
Shabbir Husain | Director

​The way project has run is really good. I liked the final work products. The details are in great sync with what i envisioned. Financial details are very well dealt, and very useful. Over all use full information and great work by team!
Satish R., Bangalore

" I had a pleasure of working with DART Consulting recently. They have performed an excellent job in meeting our requirements. They conducted market research along with other small projects.

Their work was flawless.​ They are truly professional, meticulous in work and provide right advice to their clients. Their documentation is perfect and gives 100% value for money. Honestly I was not expecting such a quality service from an Indian organisation.

I would recommend DART Consulting to anyone who would want a hassle free process and value for their money."

Gaurav Yadav
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