Business Research

Competitive market analysis is the process of ethically gathering information about market competition to assess their strengths and weaknesses as well as your own organizations strengths and weaknesses.

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Customized Market Research

Customized market research services are needed for businesses operating under various industry domains. Let it be as part of the business expansion strategy or to estimate the market growth potential, we have the capabilities to deliver the best result.

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Data Collection & Survey

The process of data collection/survey helps business to understand brand equity, test the brand name, find out customer satisfaction, segmenting products, and understand the market for new products/services.

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Lead Generations

DART’s lead generation services are designed to identify new prospective customers for the products and services the client is offering. Lead generation and customer follow-up can build a link of trust between the buyer and the seller.

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Market Intelligence

Market intelligence is a great source to identify needs and preferences of a target customer group, track the current market trends, and to further understand the associated developments in the current business environment.

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Market Research

Market Research is an important part of any business strategy and generally consists of data gathering about markets and the customers in those markets. Our data analysis team performs data collection, cleansing, and analysis of data.

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Technology Market Research

We combine our market research expertise across an array of technologies to provide high quality technology market reports. We work on variety of technologies to provide comprehensive report based on clients need.

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Case Studies

Market Research - Obamacare

The US healthcare market was about to witness a dramatic shift in paradigm with the phased rollout of the ‘Affordable Care Act, 2010’, or Obamacare, over the course of 4 years. Right from health insurance providers, healthcare facilities, patients, medical professionals and

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