Case Study - Aluminium Wire Rods

Aluminium wire rods are used in the production of electrical wires and cables. Aluminium is increasingly being used in electrical wires instead of copper, as it is a low cost substitute as well as a good quality conductor.


A Bahrain based aluminium wire rod manufacturer was proposing to open a facility to manufacture aluminium wire rods. The proposal was to manufacture wires for domestic consumption in the beginning, and thereafter wants to expand across GCC and neighboring countries. The company was looking for providers to materialize their ideas into an action plan. DART offered a comprehensive Business Plan that would help position the company as a futuristic and thought leader in front of banks, venture capitalists, supply chain partners, and the potential consumers.


The business plan was prepared to cover the Bahrain aluminium and aluminium wire rod market. Since the company plans to enter two other neighboring countries after 7-8 years of operations, DART identified two such countries where it could enter at a later stage, and added a brief section on such potential markets as well. The business plan outlined an overall picture of the Aluminium markets of the world, the GCC, Bahrain, and other countries. The industry review was prepared to help the potential investors to assess the market for the product in those regions. This business plan discusses about raw material suppliers, location of facilities, the proposed startup date, objectives, organization structure, and details of machinery need to be procured. The business plan identifies competitors, and the competitive advantages the company enjoys in the market. DART has also identified what other opportunities the company could subsequently tap in the coming years. We have formulated the pricing strategies, product strategies, and sourcing strategies. We have also provided in details about the specifications of the product to be manufactured and the specifications of the proposed technology to be adopted, as we believe that soundness in product quality and the latest technology will help the client in achieving high profits. The business plan covers 20 year financial forecast. The business plan was fine tuned to help the client to serve this document as a blueprint for the proposed business as well as guide the company when the company faces dilemma in understanding its goals, strategies, and plans.

DART’s Business Plan Services

DART has been providing business plans since the last seven years. DART has proven its expertise in preparing business plans that belong to various countries and industries. DART provides a detailed analysis of the market for the product or service of the client. DART Analysts possess the ability to customize the research philosophy based on a client’s requirement. The reports include market analysis, target customer analysis, and an analysis of the venture as well.

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