Case Study - Taxi Hailing Services in New York

Case Study - Taxi Hailing Services in New York

As our lifestyles evolve, so do the technologies that surround our lifestyles. It is not just physical products that have undergone several rounds of technological manifestations; consumer services too have witnessed significant modifications. Traditional forms of service offerings have spawned into user-friendly solutions with a digital angle that can be easily accessed from home or office. One such instance is the manual taxi hailing service in some of the most developed cities, such as New York. This city accounts for one of the largest share of the public taxi service in the world. So it does make sense for an innovative technology firm to take advantage of smartphones to pre-book a taxi, eliminating the tedious task of standing at the corner of the road to raise the hand and hail a taxi. Given its reputation of implementing highly specific technology based market research within the stipulated timeframe, DART was approached by one such US based technology startup client to assess the market to gauge the potential of such a software application in a highly competitive global market.


DART quickly deployed its available resources toward the project to device an overall strategy interlaced with specific time-bound milestones that each team-member had to achieve. Thus, the task was split up into relevant micro-projects that were compiled together by the project lead into a final format that maintained logical flow and met the overall research objectives. Several individual milestones, such as global digital application and taxi market overview, competitive benchmarking, pockets of opportunities, SWOT analysis, target market identification, and financial break-even point analysis, were set as part of the research activity. DART brought together a team with members that had specific skill sets to accomplish the entire project as per client’s pre-defined guidelines and expectations.


Market research clients are always on the lookout for firms capable of executing projects with a mutually beneficial cost-benefit proposition. Clients usually don’t mind spending a little extra to get assured timely delivery and quality of the project. Thus, it becomes very critical for companies such as DART to meet the client’s expectation. For the projects that DART takes up it ensures that it can excel at these key performance factors. This project was no exception for DART. By virtue of effective project management skills, DART was able to deliver a high quality business research report within a strict timeline.

DART’s Market Research Services

DART market research and analysis report contains charts and tables to support relevant facts. Further, the report contains the right analysis, which may include PEST analysis, Michael Porter competition analysis or SWOT analysis. Our Analysts perform an analysis of both micro and macro environment factors as part of such market analysis.

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