Case Study - Emerging Display Solution

There is a growing demand for better looking and power efficient technologies to meet the ever increasing consumer appetite. When it comes to consumer electronic goods, the products related to display usually draws higher attention. From the point of view of technology consulting firms, these modern display technologies represent a unique business proposition. There was a need to prepare a report on one such emerging technology that could fuel the next generation of visually delightful and aesthetically pleasing display and lighting solutions. An Effective Research Gameplan for a Technology that can brighten our Digital World, undermining the Potential of the Currently Dominating Technologies Given its trustworthy reputation in the niche technology research domain within India, DART was the obvious choice for the assignment. With a well-thought proactive approach, DART proceeded to frame an effective strategy to meet the client’s requirements. The overall plan was to identify the key technical trends, future R&D directions, and commercial feasibility of the technology compared to already existing and other emerging technologies. DART Technology Analysts made a conscious effort to confirm and justify the fact that this technology is likely to become next big thing in the screen display and lightning industry. We ensured that a detailed analysis is provided to cover the prospects of the emerging technical trends, the technological gaps and procedures that can be taken to overcome these gaps, and the regulatory and environmental issues surrounding the use of toxic raw materials. In this way, a reader can obtain a holistic view of the pros and cons of the technology. The higher level of research activities around the world makes it difficult to capture the current market trends of this technology. To ride over such ambiguities, DART clearly defined the research limitations to have a solid understanding of the technology within the pre-defined parameters of the report. For instance, DART defined the scope of the report to the identification of the technology pioneers and the elucidation of the strategies adopted by key raw material suppliers and the plan of action of OEMs actively interested in the technology. Further, DART utilized its knowledge of market intelligence along with a combination of relevant data points acquired through primary and secondary research sources to develop a comprehensive revenue forecasting methodology. A Mutually Beneficial Business Proposition achieved through a Simple and Market-relevant Approach A reliable technology consulting report ideally pin-points the likelihood of certain aspects of the technology that will be the most relevant for the industry. In addition, this kind of work depends on the capability to make astute judgment regarding the timeframe within which the technology can translate into commercial applications. DART delivered a report that was successful in meeting all the above criteria.

DART’s Technology Research Services

DART has well-trained Analysts who can provide higher analysis of technologically advanced products that are soon to be launched in the market. Such products are likely to create a technological buzz in the modern world and hence used to be a subject of interest for many technology driven companies and industry players. The expertise of our Analysts can be leveraged not only for analyzing the relevant product market and commercial feasibility of the product but for revenue forecasting as well.

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