Case Study - Debit and Prepaid Cards Market in India

Case Study - Debit and Prepaid Cards Market in India


The client wanted DART to prepare a market research document that analyses the debit and prepaid cards market in India. The client also wanted a comparison of debit and prepaid cards vis-à-vis other latest financial products available in the market.


After studying the requirements, DART agreed to take up the project and prepared the plan of action. The client wanted the report to be prepared in 15 days’ time. The report was prepared in accordance with the agreement in the stipulated time period. The report covered an overview of the factors, which drive the growth of the prepaid cards industry, the banking sector market size, list of banks in India by asset size, and a detailed analysis of the public sector banks, private sector banks, and foreign banks. The report also carried a section on the types of debit & prepaid cards, and the pros and cons of debit & prepaid cards. A market overview and a market segmentation analysis of debit & prepaid cards was also part of the report. The report discussed the opportunities for prepaid cards in the banking sector and a SWOT analysis of the prepaid card industry. Case studies on leading banks of India were also covered in the report to make the report more interesting. Specific case studies were prepared for Axis Bank and ICICI Bank. The case studies covered the customer base infrastructure, strategies, financial performance and SWOT analysis of the banks Such specific business research requires a thorough market knowledge and smart business acumen. The ability to customize the research philosophy based on a client’s requirement and aforesaid deadline is one the most critical parameters that a business research client usually looks for. By adopting a simple and cost-effective research methodology and sticking to the basics, DART delivered the business analysis project that met not only the specific research objectives but also the project timelines.

DART’s Market Research Services

DART Analysts possess strong analytical mind, which helps it conduct both qualitative as well as quantitative research. The team at DART provides a detailed analysis of the market for the product or service desired by the client. DART has delivered 1000+ market research projects across various sectors and countries in the past 6 years. The DART team performs data collection from various publicly available reports like annual reports, investor presentations, news articles, press releases, and the internet.

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