Case Study - Obamacares Market Research


The US healthcare market was about to witness a dramatic shift in paradigm with the phased rollout of the ‘Affordable Care Act, 2010’, or Obamacare, over the course of 4 years. Right from health insurance providers, healthcare facilities, patients, medical professionals and suppliers of healthcare devices and other medicinal products to Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) providers – almost every element in the US healthcare supply chain was set to be affected by such a revolutionary regulatory move from the US Federal Government. The situation was of particular importance to key HIT players to understand the regulatory framework and new policies that could affect their business, which was one of the few industries worldwide to register growth during the global financial meltdown that took shape in 2008 and that continues to have serious repercussions even today. A search was initiated by one such US based HIT client that wanted to take proactive steps to guard itself against any regulatory obstacles. The search for relevant and quality conscious business research on assessing the regulatory impact of Obamacare eventually ended at DART.


DART was able to understand the specific research requirements. Our Analysts followed a simple strategy to device a timeline chart to demonstrate the current status of various documentation guidelines under Obamacare. We also performed a detailed analysis of the key guidelines and mandatory rules that could impact the US healthcare market. In order to provide the client with a clutter-free and customized analysis, DART segregated the regulatory impact analysis into specific target segments, such as health insurance providers, insurers, large and small employers and healthcare providers. This helped the reader identify and compare the relevant issues and favourable factors that might affect him or her. The report covered a detailed overview of the US healthcare market during 2010-13. A detailed table has been provided along with the current status and timelines of each new rule under the Obamacare healthcare law. The report outlines all the mandatory documentations required from health insurance companies, from customers requiring insurance, from health care service providers and doctors, and from employers. The report also states the various positive and negative effects of the documentation on each of the entities and the critical pain factors associated with Obamacare implementation pertaining to documentation requirement. The various industry players involved with the documentation implementation requirement are also mentioned in the report. DART used its experience to provide an insight into the complexity of implementing an entirely new healthcare regime in the US though a distinct analysis of the probable hurdles that the US Federal Government, the state governments and other related bodies might face in the near future. DART supplemented the overall analysis with a simple, yet strategic, comparison of some of the key HIT players operating in the US.


DART Analysts demonstrated a thorough market knowledge and smart business sense in this engagement. The ability to customize the research philosophy based on a client’s requirement and aforesaid deadline is one the most critical parameters that a business research client usually looks for. By adopting a simple and cost-effective research methodology and sticking to the basics, DART delivered the business analysis project that met not only the specific research objectives but also the project timelines.

DART’s Market Research Services

DART has delivered 1000+ market research projects across various sectors and countries in the past 6 years. DART provides a detailed analysis of the market for the product or service desired by the client. These reports cover an analysis of the economic environment, industry, industry trends, industry future projections, and the regulatory environment. The team at DART possesses a strong analytical mind and thorough market knowledge. DART Analysts possess the ability to customize the research philosophy based on a client’s requirement.