Case Study - Business Plan for Apps Development

“App”, a generic term for any standalone bit of software that runs on a computer or a mobile or a smartphone. Using apps, one can create documents, edit photos, and listen to music, without having to install complicated software. Popular mobile apps are email, calendar, stock market, weather, games, GPS and location-based services, ticket purchases, banking, ordertracking etc.


An innovative entrepreneur wanted to set up an App development company in India for specific niche. The proposal was to develop fun and social Apps for mobiles. The developer wanted to a global market leader with focused project planning and funding. The entrepreneur was toying with different options to translate his ideas into an action plan. He approached Venture Capitalist (VCs) to support his plan. After long discussions with DART Analysts, he agreed to hire DART to develop a comprehensive business plan to help him present his proposals before VCs. DART agreed to develop the business plan to help him understand the market feasibility of the proposed project. Further, he wanted discuss his ideas with potential investors.


DART Analysts prepared the business plan per the industry standard. The report covered a detailed analysis of the Indian Apps market and the global Apps market. Further, it covered a brief outline on the US and China Apps markets which are the other two major influencers in the global App market. The document outlined a comprehensive guideline for the future course of action. The report further discussed the presence of a large number of mobile Apps available for download on mobiles and smartphones. There was a drastic change in App market with the arrival of Smartphones with its enhanced features like a better camera and video quality, a bigger screen, a better screen resolution, better experience of playing games, and using different kinds of Apps. It has become the trend of to frequently download fun and social apps on smart phones. SWOT analysis of the various markets was provided, to compare the markets for the product. A competition analysis section discussed the profiles of the competitors present in the market. Apart from this, DART worked on the goals, strategies, business model, revenue and pricing model, online sales model, promotional plans, target customer segment, venture set-up, financial projections, management and organization structure etc. of the client company. This served as a guideline or a blueprint for the proposed business; and helped the company when the company faced a dilemma in understanding its goals, strategies, and plans.

DART’s Business Plan Services

DART provides customized business plans to clients. DART has undertaken business plans in various sectors and countries. The business plan covers a market analysis of the proposed regions in which the company is expected to operate and the demographic profiles of the target customers. It also includes an analysis of the company, like various strategies (pricing, promotional etc.), business model, management structure, organization structure, and financial projections. The reports are rich in content, with facts & figures, charts and tables.

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