Case Study - Online Real Estate Info Portal

An online real estate portal gives information about the properties which are available in the market. The portal lists out residential and commercial properties for buying/ selling and renting, along with their prices, locations and other details. Images of these properties may also be put up on the portal. The portal essentially brings buyers and sellers closer, and gives an opportunity for users to browse through the available properties from the comfort of their homes, before actually venturing out to finalize the property.


A real estate company from Bahrain wants to expand their business and wants to serve the whole community around the regions. The company was scouting for providers to materialize their ideas into an action plan. DART suggested a comprehensive real estate portal that would cater to the Middle Eastern countries. The company agreed with our suggestions and we went ahead and prepared the Business Plan.


The plan was to cover all the major GCC countries including Oman, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. An economic overview of all the regions was provided. A real estate market overview of all these countries was provided, which helped assess the market for the company’s product. The plan also listed the names and contact details of the real estate agencies and the real estate portals operating in this region, so as to provide an estimated number of major local players. The risk analysis section pointed out the various risks the company may face. A SWOT analysis of all the regions was carried out; which provided for a comparison of these regions. Regulatory issues with regards to internet usage and with regards to opening up a new business were stated in the plan. The report also carried a section describing the features of popular real estate portals in the world. This list would allow the client company to incorporate some of the features in their website too, leading to a higher visibility, and hence more business. Apart from this, DART worked on the goals, strategies, business model, revenue and pricing model, promotional gimmicks, target customer segment, venture set-up, financial projections, management and organization structure etc. of the client company. This will serve as a guideline or a blueprint for the proposed business; and help the company when the company faces a dilemma in understanding its goals, strategies, and plans.

DART’s Business Plan Services

The business plan includes both qualitative as well as quantitative research. The team at DART provides a detailed analysis of the market for the product or service of the client. DART Analysts have the ability to customize the research philosophy based on a client’s requirement. The reports include market analysis, target customer analysis, and an analysis of the venture as well. The reports typically include all the sections required that will help the venture receive the requisite loan or venture capital funding.

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