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Infrastructure is one among the pillars of a developing economy. The term “infrastructure” refers to buildings – both residential and commercial, roads & highways, bridges, rail roads, and the like. Mostly the development of economy of a country is closely linked with its investment in infrastructure. The efficient functioning of infrastructure is needed for the integration of economy with rest of the world.

Any new enterprise analyzes the accessibility, and quality of infrastructure in a region while making its investment decisions. Such investment decision ultimately results in the development of a region as well. A well-developed infrastructure enhances a region's productivity, consequently making enterprises working there will be more competitive, and thus boosting a region's economy.

To facilitate infrastructure projects, several heavy earthmoving machines and equipment are needed. A few such equipment are hydraulic excavators, loaders, material handlers, tele handlers, scissor lifts and aerial working devices. An experienced hand can lend the support while making such decision on system design, structural design, kinematics & synthesis, and digital & physical design validation. Further, the work of Consultant will be helpful in imparting training about the functioning of equipment as well as to attend issues related troubleshooting of these systems at a later stage.

DART Consulting provides end to end support for design, development, servicing and life cycle management of construction equipment. Our Consultants help to identify cost saving opportunities, and help to re-engineer cost structure. DART undertakes consulting projects in this domain along with its qualified Independent Consultants who extend their services to various geographies – be it Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe or Americas in Medium and Heavy Industries.

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Debit and Prepaid Cards Market in India

The client wanted DART to prepare a market research document that analyses the debit and prepaid cards market in India. The client also wanted a comparison of debit and prepaid cards vis-à-vis other latest financial products available in the market.

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