Business Profile

Business profile consists of an overview of the business, and details about the experience of the entity in the market it operates. It allows its stakeholders to analyse the current stage of the business, and how the business will shape up in the coming years. Majority of the businesses face challenges in logically documenting the facts about their area of operations, and preparing a professional presentation to its stakeholders.

The Benefits of a Business Profile

Business Profile helps any entity to demonstrate its achievements, in terms of projects executed, market recognition, and financial strength to its multiple stakeholders. The business profile also gives direction to the management about the potential growth path of the company.

DART’s Business Profile Services

DART works along with the business entities in putting together an industry standard business profile targeting the multiple stakeholders. DART’s business profile covers the following aspects:

General Business Information

Business Overview

Business Model


Value Chain

Partner Ecosystem


Major Projects

Organizational Structure

Technical Competencies

Awards and Accreditations

Financial Overview

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Case Studies

Business Plan for Apps Development

“App”, a generic term for any standalone bit of software that runs on a computer or a mobile or a smartphone. Using apps, one can create documents, edit photos, and listen to music, without having to install complicated software.

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Business Plan – Online Real Estate Info Portal

An online real estate portal gives information about the properties which are available in the market. The portal lists out residential and commercial properties for buying/ selling and renting, along with their prices, locations and other details.

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I would recommend DART Consulting to anyone who would want a hassle free process and value for their money."

Gaurav Yadav